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Maro Itoje Oil Portrait by Artist George Groves
Maro Itoje Oil Portrait by Artist George Groves

The Atlas Foundation exists to help deprived children work towards a better future through rugby communities. It is a launchpad for good and provides a platform that partners with local organisations that have a tangible impact on the daily lives of deprived young people.

Through health, education, and gender inclusion programmes and a large number of rugby initiatives, The Atlas Foundation provides safety, education, food, sport, guidance and community to thousands of children across five continents.

Founded & led by Rugby World Cup Champion Jason Leonard OBE, The Atlas Foundation’s work is led by the core rugby values of Integrity, Hard Work and Respect, and the Atlas Foundation is committed to getting practical help directly to those who need it. So far over £1 million has been raised, and over 50,000 children have been supported.

Maro Itoje Oil Portrait by George Groves Art

I've teamed up with the Atlas Foundation to auction off this Oil Portrait, which stands at 120 by 120cm, portraying Mr. Maro Itoje. Only last year, curated part of an exhibition with the powerhouse that is Sotheby’s. When asked about sport and art being “very separate disciplines”, Maro responded saying: “Sport is often self-expression, the way people play is an expression of who they are and I think that’s the same with how artists portrays themselves, they express themselves through their work.”

To find out more about the incredible work that Atlas do:

To purchase the original painting:

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