A story of an incredible individual, who is changing lives via a Pug, aptly named Doug.

Cate Archer and Doug the Therapy Pug are two beautiful beings that are rarely seen without one another.

Cate is naturally a kind and loving person, who is able to share her passion for helping others through Doug; a friendly, and most definitely adorable pug.

Doug is a therapy dog, but also sits as a reading dog. Here is an extract from Cate's page for Doug which further explains Dougs role:

"For Doug to be recognised as a Therapy Dog, he had to be thoroughly assessed and examined by a registered vet.  Pets As Therapy needed to trust in Doug’s good nature and reliable temperament before registering him officially with their organisation. 

Therapy Dogs visit people in care homes, hospitals, hospices and schools.  This is done on a voluntary basis (willingly and without financial reward).  

Pets As Therapy is sometimes shortened to PAT – so, dogs like Doug are sometimes known as 'pat' dogs.  Because of this, some people think that Doug spends his working days just being patted.  

Many Therapy Dogs enjoy being patted throughout their working day - but Doug the Pug, and other Therapy Dogs like him, much prefer working with those who need a little more tender loving care and special attention."

During lockdown here in the UK, Cate and Doug happily read alongside Children over Zoom calls. As shown on BBC One, Cate and Doug then surprised these children, who expressed their joy in reading to, and with Doug, a brilliant and comfortable experience. Seeing the ecstatic smiles that Doug brought to the children's faces was priceless, and most definitely concreted Doug as a 'celebrity' in their school.

Cate shares all updates with Doug via her Instagram @dougthepugtherapydog, it is sure to bring a smile to your day.

For any further details, visit Cates creative website at https://www.dougthepugtherapydog.com/